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About bunq

Founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur Ali Niknam, bunq has brought lasting change to the European banking industry. By having its users at the heart of the business and building a product rooted in their wants and needs, bunq quickly scaled to become the second largest neobank in the EU. Serving digital nomads across the European Economic Area, bunq makes life easy for location-independent people and businesses starting from the way they manage money: how they spend, save, budget and invest.

Pioneering many things considered impossible, bunq was the first bank to get a European banking permit in over 35 years, raised the largest series A round ever secured by a European fintech (€193 million), and was the first EU neobank to achieve structural profitability at the end of 2022. On its mission to build the first global neobank for digital nomads, in April 2023, bunq announced its bid to enter the US market by applying for a banking license.

Our People

Ali, Founder & CEO

Ali - Founder & CEO

Ali Niknam (1981), born in Canada but from Iranian descent, set up his first company when he was just 16 years old. In his early twenties he founded TransIP, the biggest domain name and web hosting provider of the Netherlands. In 2012 he set out to change the banking industry radically and founded bunq

Bianca Zwart, Chief of Staff to bunq CEO Ali Niknam

Bianca Zwart, Chief of Staff to bunq CEO Ali Niknam

Being bunq’s founder and CEO’s strategic confidant, Bianca enables Ali Niknam to scale bunq’s vision globally. Involved in all facets of the business, she combines strategic thinking with getting shit done, removing operational roadblocks that stand in the way of bunq’s mission to fundamentally change how millions of people spend, save and invest their money.

As former head of PR at bunq and having worked as a trusted communications advisor to numerous influential entrepreneurs over the years, Bianca knows how to build, visualize and convey stories of fast-growing tech companies - with bunq’s audacious mission to radically change the banking industry as a prime example. She became bunq’s first Chief of Staff in 2022.

Samantha de Groen, Product Marketing Manager at bunq

Samantha de Groen, Product Marketing Manager at bunq

Raised in Miami and having earned higher education degrees from institutions in the US and the Netherlands, Samantha de Groen is taking care of delivering products that make life easy and showing the world how they respond to users’ wants and needs.

Throughout her time at bunq, Samantha built the company’s CRM Marketing and Product Marketing tools from the ground up and launched bunq’s Easy Green, the neobank’s flagship subscription plan that empowers users to offset their carbon footprint just by using bunq.

Passionate about bunq’s users, Samantha works closely with Data & Research, Product Development, and multiple marketing teams to tell bunq’s story across different channels. She also sees to it bunq’s product is tailored to the needs of its users across different markets. To that end, Samantha is responsible for validating and testing the neobank’s product offerings and messaging in new markets in support of bunq’s ambitious international expansion strategy.

Brian Spaans, Head of Finance at bunq

Brian Spaans, Head of Finance at bunq

As Head of Finance, Brian balances bunq’s profitability with user happiness while he oversees accounting, FP&A, Regulatory Reporting and Treasury functions at bunq.

Throughout his time at bunq, Brian assembled a highly-skilled Finance and Treasury team that contributed to the neobank’s sustainable growth and execution of bunq’s ambitious M&A strategy. Moreover, Brian pioneered bunq’s world-class annual ESG report and helped bunq gain 10% of the insured mortgages market in the Netherlands in just 6 months since launch of bunq’s Easy Mortgages.

Thijs de Maa, Engineering Lead – Special Projects at bunq

Thijs de Maa, Engineering Lead

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Thijs taught himself coding at the age of 10, simply to start building websites. In 2018, Thijs joined bunq as a backend engineer, kickstarting his contributions to the future of the fintech sector. At bunq, Thijs built and developed one of the best Frontend and QA teams in European fintech, able to ship groundbreaking features in record time. Now, he’s focused on bringing bunq’s most ambitious projects to life, such as launching promotions or fully integrating new payment methods at breakneck speed.

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