bunq becomes the first AI-powered bank in Europe as it unveils its own GenAI platform

  • The neobank launches a Generative AI-driven platform that redefines user-centric banking, called Finn
  • bunq joins Google and Amazon in leading the push for AI
  • With AI backing the company’s growth, bunq pushes aggressively toward international expansion as it hits 11 million users and 7 billion euros in deposits

Amsterdam, December 19, 2023 — bunq, the second largest neobank in Europe, launches Finn, a GenAI platform available to all its users. Effectively replacing the search function on the app, Finn will enable bunq users to live the life they want, with help of bunq: plan their finances, better budget, navigate the app, easily find transactions and much more.

Finn is bunq’s own technology, using the most powerful LLMs. “Finn will wow you,” says Ali Niknam, founder and CEO of bunq. “Years of AI innovation, coupled with laser focus on our users, allowed us to completely transform banking as you know it. Seeing Generative AI make life so much easier for our users is incredibly exciting.”

Finn will be familiar to anyone who’s ever used OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It has a chat-style text box where users can ask questions or seek advice about their bank account, spending habits, saving and anything else related to money. Finn gives answers to advanced questions like “What is the average amount I spend on groceries per month?” or “How much did I spend on Amazon this year?”. It can even combine data to answer questions that go beyond transactions, such as “What was that Indian place I went to with a friend in London?”, or “How much did I spend at the cafe near Central Park last Saturday?"

bunq also announced it hit 11 million users across the EU and grew its user deposits by 55% since July 2023, now at 7 billion euros. bunq’s successful use of AI has played a significant role in the challenger’s rapid expansion across Europe. 

Announced tonight at bunq Update 24 in DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam, bunq introduces new features that will help digital nomads and international businesses easily manage their finances. 

Free credit cards

bunq launches free credit cards for everyone – ready in just 5 minutes and instantly usable through Apple or Google Pay. 

Tap to Pay

With Apple’s Tap to Pay, every Business user can now turn their iPhone into a payment terminal and accept payments on the go. All bunq users get free access to this functionality.

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